London is known for its vibrant nightlife and has a plethora of popular bars offering unique atmospheres, creative cocktails, and great experiences. Here are some popular bars in London:

  1. The American Bar at The Savoy: Located in the iconic Savoy Hotel, The American Bar is one of the oldest cocktail bars in London. It offers a classic and sophisticated ambiance and is known for its exceptional mixology and innovative drinks.
  2. Nightjar: Situated in Shoreditch, Nightjar is a speakeasy-style bar with a vintage vibe. It features live jazz music and offers an extensive menu of expertly crafted cocktails inspired by different eras.
  3. Cahoots: Located in Soho, Cahoots takes you back to the 1940s with its underground-themed bar set in an old tube station. The bar serves creative cocktails in vintage teacups and has a lively atmosphere.
  4. Purl: Situated in Marylebone, Purl is a stylish bar known for its inventive and theatrical cocktails. It offers a unique menu with a focus on molecular mixology and regularly changes its themes and presentations.
  5. Oriole: Located in Smithfield, Oriole is a hidden gem with an exotic and adventurous atmosphere. It features live music and serves globally inspired cocktails with flavors from around the world.
  6. The Churchill Bar & Terrace: Situated in the Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill, this bar pays tribute to Winston Churchill. It offers a refined setting, an extensive whiskey collection, and a range of classic cocktails.
  7. Dandelyan: Found in the Mondrian London hotel, Dandelyan is a stylish bar with a focus on botanical-themed cocktails. It has won numerous awards for its innovative drinks and stunning views of the River Thames.
  8. Happiness Forgets: Located in Hoxton Square, Happiness Forgets is a cozy basement bar known for its relaxed atmosphere and expertly crafted cocktails. It offers a concise menu of classic drinks with a modern twist.
  9. Sky Garden: Situated atop the Walkie Talkie building, Sky Garden is not just a bar but a unique indoor garden with panoramic views of the city. It has multiple bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink while taking in the stunning views.
  10. The Ned: Found in the City of London, The Ned is a members’ club with multiple bars and restaurants. It offers a variety of drinking and dining options in a grand setting, including a rooftop bar with city views.

These are just a few examples of popular bars in London. The city is known for its diverse bar scene, and there are many more fantastic options to explore, ranging from hidden speakeasies to rooftop bars and everything in between.

Few popular bars in london

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