Business Visa

  1. Completely filled Visa Application form for Indian citizens traveling to People’s Republic of China for business purposes
  2. Valid Passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond the intended period of stay in China.
  3. Two copies of recent colored passport-sized photograph not older than three months (Size: 45mm by 35mm) Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 80% of the photograph in sharp focus, without expressions, with white background without any patterns, with open eyes, without glasses / mask / cap / hat / scarf and with visible ears and properly tied hairs and printed on mate finish paper. The photographs has to be carried on the day of appointment and a soft copy of the same is required at the time of filling the form.
  4. In case of Infant or child the eyes must be open, mouth closed, with a white sheet behind the child without holding any toys or bottles. Size and specification of photograph remains same as an adult.
  5. A proper formal invitation is required from Chinese company on their letter head addressing to the “Embassy of the People’s Republic of China” and the city name from which you are applying (e.g. New Delhi). The signature at the bottom of the page should carry his/her office address, contact number and official email id. Signed and stamped.
  6. ID Proof of the person who is sending the invite.
  7. Business registration of the Chinese company sending you the invite.
  8. Business license of the Chinese company sending you the invite.
  9. Occupation proof of applicant.
  10. GST Certificates (all 3 pages) of India of your business or of the eployer.
  11. Business registration of India of your business or of the eployer.
  12. Income proof e.g. salary slips of last consecutive 6 months for employee.
  13. NOC from the employer in case of employee.
  14. In case of self employed or business owners, the GST Certificate of business with all 3 pages along with business registration proof.
  15. Aadhaar Card
  16. Anual income
  17. Complete work experience including current employer and previous employers (Date from, Date to details of your past and current work with Position, Duties).
  18. Name, contact number, email ID of your supervisor.
  19. Higher education degree (Date from, Date to details of your education with name and addresses of institutions including diploma/degree).
  20. Email ID / Contact number of applicant.
  21. Family details with name, relationship, date of birth, ocupation (Spouse, father, mother).
  22. Invitee email ID and contact number.
  23. Emergency contact details along with name and relationship.
  24. Travel dates for China.
  25. Old Cinese visa copy in case if you have availed the visa in past.
  26. The copy of your valid visa if you have any valid visa (e.g. US Canada, Uk, Schengen or of any other country).
  27. Travel history of yours in last five years specifying the country names.
  28. Visa Processing Fee: There is a visa processing fee applicable for the visa application. The fee may vary depending on the type of visa and the mode of application. The visa fee has to be paid by the clients directly on the day of scheduled appointment day.